About Us

Information that builds and powers the world we live in

Through great journalism and insight KHL improves the working lives of readers, their companies, and communities in almost every country in the world.

Global brands connect with this fully engaged audience to sell more products, position their brand, increase revenue and grow profit.

Construction is arguably the largest industry in the world. It is a civilising force for good, which provides power, shelter, and fresh water to developing areas of the world; and builds amazing structures, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and harbours to keep the world moving, and mankind safe.

It is also an industry that is heavily regulated, dynamic and truly global, which makes it hungry for information.

Making knowledge work harder

Formed in 1989, KHL is now the world’s largest and most-trusted provider of information for the global construction and power sectors.

It is a front-running, user-focused, muti-platform media, events, data, research and digital powerhouse, that has greater depth and reach into the global industry than at any time in history.

This intelligence provides audiences and brands with a tremendous business edge – an unfair advantage even - helping readers’ and advertisers’ grow their companies.

And in doing so we bring our industries together into a global family that shares best-practice with safer and more-efficient ways of working.

A strategic marketing partner

By attracting a truly global audience of the world’s most-senior professionals in the largest companies, KHL creates the perfect environment for advertisers to connect with customers, build their brands and sell more products – even on a daily basis.

KHL’s outstanding journalism and life-changing content is trusted by 100s of 1000s of industry professionals, which provide and environment that gives genuine clout to advertisers’ messages.

And in an age when everyone thinks they are publishers, KHL is actually a publisher. One that has been communicating with its advertisers’ customers for over 33 years. We utilise this experience to collaborate with clients on creating content that positions companies as thought leaders in their industry.

What KHL produces

Through a strategy of acquisition and investment in organic growth, KHL’s activities now encompass 16 magazines, multiple websites, events, exhibitions, market research, industrial training, recruitment and data services. It operates in markets including construction, power, cranes and specialized transport, aerial platforms and access, equipment rental, and demolition & recycling.

The focus on construction remains but expanded in 2018 to include the global power industry, with the acquisition of the Diesel Progress group adding five magazines covering engines, new power technologies, and industrial compressors and turbines.

The company has a track-record of innovation: it was the first to publish a pan-Latin American magazine in both Spanish and Portuguese languages; it helped introduce the concept of rental in China after creating the first equipment rental conference in Shanghai in 2011; the first dedicated access equipment exhibitions in Europe and Asia; and it was one of the first media companies to offer digital magazines in the early-2000s and the first to have its own website, www.khl.com, in the mid-1990s.

It has created new ways for clients to reach their end markets, augmenting traditional magazine advertising and in-person events with digital offerings such as websites, newsletters, behavioural campaigns, webinars and virtual conferences. That innovation continues, with a new data service being offered to clients.

Independent editorial

KHL's business-to-business approach is founded on a commitment to independent editorial and on a deep understanding of its markets. This closeness is reflected in partnerships with leading trade associations, including joint ventures with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA), and the Construction Equipment Association in the UK. It has long-standing relationships with associations including CECE, FIEC, ERA, IPAF, EDA and NDA.

Today’s KHL is unrecognisable from the company of 1989 that published a single magazine with a staff of three. It now employs more than 110 people and has offices in the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, China, India, Brazil and Chile.

KHL has won its place in the world’s construction and power markets through constant innovation and commitment to independent high-quality information. That will not change.

Off-Highway Research

Off-Highway Research is KHL Group’s specialist market intelligence and Management Consultancy division. Formed in 1981 as part of The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Off-Highway Research is a management consultancy specialising in the research and analysis of international construction and agricultural equipment markets and is the largest of its kind in the world.

Off-Highway Research offers a unique level of international research expertise to the construction, earthmoving, mining, industrial and agricultural equipment industries. This specialist capability, offered by offices in the UK, China, India, Germany, the USA and Japan is available through a combination of Subscription Services and Private